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Wwtp For Hospital
Wwtp For Hospital
Wwtp For Hospital
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02 Aug 2019
1 unit
IDR 270.000.000

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We Are A Spet Manufacture Of Waste Water Processing Installation (Wwtp) With Membrane Bioreactor Technology Is Very Effective In Treating Industrial Wastewater, Laboratories, Both Domestic Sewage And Gray Water Black Water. Our Treatment Results Are In Accordance With The Liquid Waste Quality Standard As Required Local Government Or Decrees Lh.

- Water Discharges Meet Environmental Quality Standards.
- Easy Installation Of The Lightweight Frp Construction.
- The Land Required Is Relatively Small.
- The Price Is Relatively Cheaper Than Conventional Systems.
- Care And Maintenance Is Easy And Inexpensive.
- Durable And Can Be Moved As Needed.
- Can The 'Upgrade' As Needed.

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